Click on the links below to view or print a holiday schedule calendar for the entire year.

Observed Holidays:

As a general rule we work on "observed holidays".  So if a Holiday falls on a weekend, we will not alter pickup schedule during the week.  Routes will be run normally.  2021 has a good example of an observed holiday, July 4th lands on a Sunday in 2021.  As a result, our routes will not be affected by the July 4th holiday this year.  Some businesses and government offices may be closed on Monday, July 5th 2021 the "observed holiday".  We will be running normal routes on Monday July 5th, 2021.

Please put your Recycling and Trash out early on the eve of a Holiday!

The days surrounding holidays are always busy.  Many people are out of town or traveling.  Please be sure to have your trash and recycling out early (by 7:00am) before and after holidays.  Our trucks may be running ahead of time.  Our drivers try to finish quickly on the eve of a holiday.  They want to get done and go celebrate with their families.  It is our policy not to send trucks back after 12:00pm on the eve of a holiday.

**Note about the Holiday calendar:

Please note the recycling week part of the calendar only applies to areas where we collect recycling.  If your city/township uses a different recycling provider, you should follow your city/township's instructions for pickup.  The holiday delays apply to all Maroney's customers.