The Counties increased dump rates 1/1/2019.
The rate we pay to dispose of trash has increased 6% as of 1/1/2019.  This increase is set by the Washington and Ramsey County R & E Board.  Due to this substantial increase in monthly dumping expense, service rates had to be adjusted.
We are working on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday 1/21/2019.
There is no change in pickup schedule for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  We will be running our normal routes on Monday January 21st, 2019.

Welcome to Maroney's Sanitation Incorporated.

Your one stop for trash and recycling pickup and disposal.  We offer a wide range of services from home residential weekly service, to commercial and industrial waste hauling and disposal.  Maroney's offers convenient e-billing, emailed invoices, and automatic electronic payment.

Christmas Trees:

Maroney's is now collecting Christmas Trees.  We will take 1 tree for no charge.  If you have multiple trees we charge $5 for each additional tree.  If your tree is more that 7 feet tall, please cut it in 1/2.  Please be aware we have extra trucks out collecting trees.  Automated trucks can sometimes have a difficult time collecting large trees.  So if your tree is not taken by the first trash truck, please be patient, it is likely he called the "tree" truck and it's on its way!

We hope everyone had a Happy Holiday season!


Note from Hugo Public Works (this is a good tip to follow for all Cities and Townships)
Take care when you put your carts out on collection day.  Please make sure your carts are on the curb and not in the boulevard.  Placing your carts on the roadway makes snow removal difficult.  Please help our plow drivers, by keeping the street clear.  Snow removal is a difficult job, and everyone likes to have their streets plowed neatly.

Thank you.
We are hiring! 
Maroney's is looking for drivers to join our team.  Please call our office for details.
2019: dumping cost is increasing again. The county is again increasing dumping fees.

Washington and Ramsey County have raised the price all trash haulers pay to dump trash.  As a result, all trash companies will be forced to increase rates again in 2019  to make up the substantially higher dumping fees.  The County Environmental Charge, a fee charged by both counties to subsidize dumping fees will remain 35% in Washington County and 28% residential and 53% commercial in Ramsey County.

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Maroney's shop on Lansing is Not a public dump site:
We do not accept materials at our location.  We are not a public dumping site.  Self haulers should go to Washington County Great River Energy Facility in Newport.
We have updated our truck graphics, and had several trucks freshly painted.  We are working to get new paint on a couple trucks that are still rusty.  Minnesota winters are tough on our trucks.

Have your invoices email instead of mailed.  This saves time and natural resources.  Sign up for e-billing today.  Just click the email link and type "email my invoice" and we will set you up!

You are at the Maroney's Sanitation, Inc. of Minnesota, USA company web site.

Where does Maroney's bring my trash?  We bring all MSW (municipal solid waste) to the R&E plant in Newport, MN.