I want my bill set up for auto-pay:
All you need to do is fill out the auto-pay form and email or mail it back to us.  Your invoices will be automatically paid on the 15th of the month.  You can select either ACH (bank account) or Credit Card payment.

Frequently asked questions concerning invoice items:


  • Why does it say quantity 2 on my invoice?
  • We bill residential customers bi-monthly (meaning for 2 months).  The quantity of 2 means 2 months of service.  It is not referring to how many cans/carts you have.

Example of the wording on an invoice:

Service Taxable $xx.xx

1/1/2023 - 2/30/2023

This indicates taxable trash service for the months of January  and February 2023.


  • What is the County Environmental Charge?


  • This is a fee added to your garbage bill by Washington or Ramsey County.  Your garbage hauler collects this fee and remits it directly to the County.  To find out what the funds are used for, visit either Washington County's or Ramey County's web site.  The counties decide what % the fee will be each year.  All licensed trash haulers must charge the fee.




  • What is the State Fee on my bill?


  • The State Fee is charged by the State of Minnesota. A fee of 9.75% for residential and 17% for commercial is required to be charged. For information on the State Fee Click Here.

I don’t want to pay for recycling, why is it still on my bill?


All cities and townships have adopted the Metropolitan Waste Committee’s standards for waste reduction and recycling collection.  Part of this policy specifies the way sanitation company’s bill for waste and recycling service.  It states that in cities or townships where garbage haulers are required to pickup both trash and recycling that a portion of the bill must be broken out for recycling collection.  It also states that the recycling portion of the bill cannot be removed.


An example of this ordinance can be found in the City of Lake Elmo’s code 51.12 which states:

Residential refuse/recycling licenses rates shall include a minimum of 2 levels of regular service, priced on the basis of volume beginning at a volume of 32 gallons or less and in increments of 32 gallons or less. Residential refuse/recycling licenses shall also include a cost for curbside recycling.