What should I do with old batteries?
Common alkaline batteries are acceptable to throw in the trash, but they are easily confused with other types of batteries, including rechargeable batteries and lithium batteries, which can cause fires in the trash or recycling.  With so many different types of batteries in use these days, Hennepin, Ramsey and Washington counties encourage residents to bring all batteries to drop-off sites for safe disposal.

Do you live in Washington County?
You can go to the drop off center information.

The Washington County drop off center is located at:
4039 Cottage Grove Drive
Woodbury, MN  55129

Washington County drop off center phone number is:

Don't throw out hot ashes please!

Please remember when you are ready to get rid of those ashes, let them cool completely before giving them to your trash hauler. Hot ashes can easily start a garbage truck on fire.

Disposal Disclosure:
Maroney's Sanitation disposes of all non-recyclable waste at the waste to energy facility in Newport, Minnesota.   This burnable fuel called RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) is then burned for electrical generation.  This process prevents more than 90% of your trash from going to a landfill.  The facility is owned by Washington and Ramsey County and is referred to as the R & E Board.
How to put your trash out:
#1 : Our trucks start at 7:00am.  So please have your trash and recycling out by 7:00am on your pickup day.  Even if you get used to our driver coming at a certain time of day, things can change.  If a driver is on vacation and a different person runs your route, the pick time can change.  If  a route becomes to large, other drivers can be added changing your route driver and pickup time.

#2 : Please place carts clear of all objects.  Make sure carts are at least 2 feet away from cars, mailboxes, utility poles, etc.  The last thing we want to do is damage something on your property.

#3 : Please make sure the cart handle is toward the house.  When you face your cart in the proper direction, it helps to ensure proper emptying and lid closure.

#4 : Please bag light and loose debris.  Tissue papers and packing peanuts blow away creating a mess in the neighborhood.  Light waste material will sometimes blow out of the truck without even touching the inside of the truck.  It just floats up and out on windy days making a mess.

Christmas tree disposal:

Maroney’s will accept 1 tree per household for no charge. If you have more than 1 tree, additional trees are charged $5 per tree. Please cut trees over 6 feet tall in half.

Using plastic bags for yard waste has been banned by the State of Minnesota:

Please do not use regular plastic bags for compost.  If you use plastic bags as shown in the photo below, we have to manually de-bag them.  You will be billed up to $1 per bag extra ($4 per bag total) for us to de-bag.

Yard Waste and Leaves:

Beginning 1/1/2010, the State of Minnesota (statue 115A-931) has banned the use of plastic bags for composting.  If you want to place your grass and leaves out for collection, you must use compostable bags.  Maroney's currently charges $3 per bag to collect yard waste placed out in compostable bags.  These bags can be purchased at most home improvement and local hardware stores.  If you do not use compostable bags, arrangement can be made for pickup, however there will be an additional de-bagging charge.  More information about the law and compostable bags can be found here.

Where can I drop off:

Hazardous waste.